Ehemaliges Städisches Bad (Ybbs an der Donau)

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48° 9' 55.69" N, 15° 5' 47.18" E

Public Bath House

Around the turn of the century, there was a municipal bath between the Ybbsbrücke bridge and the mouth of the river. It was strictly separated into men's and women's baths. The town's own bath attendants ensured that this rule was strictly observed. In the meantime, the baths were relocated to the Werksbach stream near the 'Viehweide' and rebuilt after the First World War near the Ybbsbrücke bridge - see photo from 1925. Although the cabins in the large bathhouse were again separated by gender, this separation no longer existed in the water. This baths existed until the end of the Second World War.



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